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A standard of dress allows students’ attention to be directed toward learning and growing in the place it matters most, the classroom. Instead of demonstrating their self-expression through the latest contemporary styles in the hallway, students focus on more appropriate ways to express themselves during their school day, most notably through personal or academic achievement.

  • School uniforms create a enhanced climate for learning
  • School uniforms boost school unity and pride
  • School uniforms encourage individual self-expression
  • School uniforms increase school safety and security

Dress Code

The purpose of the Msgr.Felicien Mubiligi Catholic TSS dress code is to enhance the positive learning environment of the school by minimizing distractions and insuring modesty and comfort for all students. Students must be in proper dress code when they arrive to school and until the school day ends. All garments worn on school property must be tasteful and modest. Uniforms are an excellent way to unite our students, while bringing ease to deciding what to wear to school in the morning.
The following dress code rules and standards will be strictly enforced –
All students must attend school in neat and correct uniform. A fully stocked uniforms shop located in the Administration block offers a wide range of school attire including Physical Education kits, house tee shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts. These have to be purchased after receiving an admission offer at the school.
IMG_20151103_063817 (Mobile)Girls (female) students wear a below the knees Black Skirt, White Shirt and Black Tie with black pair of shoes and Knee high pair of socks, while the IMG_20151103_063708 (Mobile)boys (male) students wear Black pair of trousers (with black belt), white shirt, black pairs of shoes and black tie. All students are provided with Blue Sweater to wear in school days when the weather is down.


General Rules on School Uniform

  1. Uniforms must be worn when students arrive at school until the school day ends. All clothing worn at school or to school events must be tasteful and modest.
  2. No hats or caps may be worn inside the building.
  3. Students with pierced ears may wear studs, not looped or dangling earrings. No other jewellery may be won. The only exception to this rule is jewellery won for religious reasons. In this case a letter from the family explaining religious importance of the jewellery should be sent to the class teacher.
  4. Hair streaking or extreme unnatural hair colour is not permitted.
  5. Male students are not permitted to have hair longer than the middle of the collar or bottom of the ears. Hair may not be below the eyebrows.

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