Computer Maintenance

Course ID
Senior Four, Five
Mr. Tugume Kitunzi Stephen
4 Hours


The students will receive a broad overview of the parts that make up a computer system and the detailed study of the component and its functions. This knowledge should go along  with the basic  theories and principles on how the system and components work.

The laboratory  sessions will be conducted in a very practical manner to enable the students get hands-on experience on how to properly install, maintain a computer system and networks as well as  diagnose and troubleshoot a computer system and configure and computer system.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this subject duration, our students should be able to

  • have a detailed overview of a computer system
  • recognize the components of a computer system
  • Know the basic  circuit theories and principles apply to  the skills  necessary  to install,maintain  and repair a computer system.
  • Properly upgrade or update a computer system

Instructional Methods

Course sessions may include lecture, demonstration, supervised hands-on projects, and independent problem solving sessions, online web-based learning and student presentations. Delivery of course materials, assignments, and tests will vary from course to course based on in-class and on-line course types. Students should expect that work outside of class is a requirement to complete the assignments.

Required Software

  • Operating system
  • Cleaning tools
  • Software updater
  • System information tools
  • Troubleshooter/Fixer tools


Required Hardware

  • Desktop computers and all accessories
  • Laptops and all accessories
  • Screw drivers

Required Textbook

  • A+ Guide to hardware: Managing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting by Jean Andrews
  • Lab Manual for Andrew’s A+ Guide to Hardware by Jean Andrews
  • CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Guide by Michael Meyers
  • IT Essentials, PC Hardware, Software, Companion Guide by Cisco Networking Academy


To read the full syllabus for this subject, please download the document in the download section below.

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