C Programming

Course ID
Senior Four
Mr. Tugume Kitunzi Stephen
Hours per Week
4 Hours

c prog

The course fully covers the basics of programming in the “C” programming language and demonstrates fundamental programming techniques, customs and vocabulary including the most common library functions and the usage of the preprocessor.

Learning objectives

  • To familiarize the trainee with basic concepts of computer programming and developer tools.
  • To present the syntax and semantics of the “C” language as well as data types offered by the language
  • To allow the trainee to write their own programs using standard language infrastructure regardless of the hardware or software platform

Course outline

  • Introduction to compiling and software development
  • Basic scalar data types and their operators
  • Flow control
  • Complex data types: arrays, structures and pointers
  • Structuring the code: functions and modules
  • Preprocessing source code

Instructional Methods

Course sessions may include lecture, demonstration, supervised hands-on projects, and independent problem solving sessions, online web-based learning and student presentations. Delivery of course materials, assignments, and tests will vary from course to course based on in-class and on-line course types. Students should expect that work outside of class is a requirement to complete the assignments.

Required Software

  • Codeblocks
  • Notepadd++

Required Textbooks

  • 21st Century C: C Tips from the New School by Ben Klemens
  • Beginning C (Expert’s Voice in C) by Ivor Horton
  • Head First C by David Griffiths


Course Downloads:

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