C++ Programming Language

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Senior Five, Six


The course fully covers the basics of programming in the “C++” programming language and presents the fundamental notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming. It starts with universal basics, not relaying on object concepts and gradually extends to advanced issues observed in the objective approach.

Prerequisite Courses

The “C” programming language course – Senior Four level (suggested)

Learning objectives

  • To familiarize the trainee with the universal concepts of computer programming.
  • To present the syntax and semantics of the “C++” language as well as basic data types offered by the language
  • To discuss the principles of the object-oriented model and its implementation in the “C++” language
  • To demonstrate the means useful in resolving typical implementation problems with the help of standard “C++” language libraries

Course outline

  • Introduction to compiling and software development
  • Basic scalar data types, operators, flow control, streamed input/output, conversions
  • Declaring, defining and invoking functions
  • Strings processing, exceptions handling, dealing with namespaces
  • Object-oriented approach and its vocabulary
  • Dealing with classes and objects
  • Defining overloaded operators
  • Introduction to STL

Instructional Methods

Course sessions may include lecture, demonstration, supervised hands-on projects, and independent problem solving sessions, online web-based learning and student presentations. Delivery of course materials, assignments, and tests will vary from course to course based on in-class and on-line course types. Students should expect that work outside of class is a requirement to complete the assignments.

Required Software

  • Codeblocks
  • Notepad++

Required Textbook

  • Beginning C++ by Ivor Horton
  • Jumping into C++ by Alex Allain
  • C ++ Programming in Easy Steps by Mike McGrath
  • Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by  Bjarne Stroustrup
  • Starting Out with C++: Early Objects by Tony Gaddis, Judy Walters, Godfrey Muganda


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