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Welcome to First Term 2017

The academic year 2017 began on 23rd January 2017. We are currently receiving new students for Senior Four and Five in the Computer Science...   Read More

Wish all our Students GOOD LUCK in their End of Year Exams

Our students are currently writing their end of year promotional exams. These exams will determine whether students have attained the 55% and above marks...   Read More

32 New Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

A new focus on the desktop brings new keyboard shortcuts for desktop users, so rejoice! Here are all the new keyboard shortcuts you need...   Read More

My future is in my hands; 2nd Position: OWABAHEYI ZAWADI S4 S.C

In life every person lives  individually. There is no any reason to rely on others and think that you will like them . The...   Read More

TECHNOLOGY,THE GUIDE OF THE WORLD : writing competition, 1st Position (fiston IRADUKUNDA) Senior Four Class

As the world develops,the technology also increases. This is involved  in most of the jobs that have great involvement in the development of the...   Read More

Beginning of Third Term 2016

After a little while; two weeks holiday which is described by our students to be equivalent to a weekend, today we begin another milestone...   Read More

Second term holidays

Dear staff members, other workers and students. Hopefully you are having happy holidays. Very soon on August 8th we shall be beginning a new...   Read More

Msgr Felicien Mubiligi 38 GS Gatagara 48

On Saturday 2nd July 2016, our school hosted GS Gatagara for a basketball match at our basketball court. The results were Msgr Felicien Mubiligi...   Read More

Commemoration of the Genocide done against the Tutsi at Msgr.Felicien Mubiligi Catholic TSS

Rooted in the countries’ history and in line with our culture and custom for 22years now, Msgr Felicien had its first and indeed historical...   Read More

Official Raising of Rwanda National Flag at School

On Friday 26th Feb 2016, the Rwanda National Flag was officially raised at our school premises. This activity was led by the Rwanda National...   Read More

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