Adult Courses

Whether you are looking to develop a new hobby, improve your skills or move to the next level in your career, Msgr. Felicien Mubiligi Catholic TSS has a course that’s right for you.

The wide variety of courses on offer are scheduled in order to accommodate busy lives, with part-time and evening options available. Courses are based at our school premises with great facilities, highly experienced teaching staff and a friendly community atmosphere, Msgr. Felicien Mubiligi Catholic TSS provides an ideal environment for ‘lifelong learning’. We look forward to helping you to attain your learning goals and achieve your potential.

Which course is for me? – adults

Choosing the right course is a big decision and there are lots of options available. Please don’t be daunted – we’re here to help.

Where do I start?

This page tells you about the main types of adult/evening program course available at Msgr. Felicien Mubiligi Catholic TSS.

If you still have questions or would prefer to have a chat with our course enquiries team, give us a call on +250781262423 or +250785511231 or send us an email on

I want to get the basics

Would you like extra help with your English or maths or computer science?

I’m looking for a new career

A vocational (work related) course can help you get started on a new career path. Many vocational courses are suitable for complete beginners and take between one and two years to complete. You can usually choose between full time and part time study.*

Msgr. Felicien Mubiligi Catholic TSS uses the definition “full time” for any courses which last 12.5 or more guided learning hours a week. The use of the term full time within our institution publicity materials does not imply that these courses are anything other than 12.5 guided learning hours a week or more and should not be used as a legal definition of the course in terms of benefit entitlement, etc.
Any queries regarding the impact of any particular course of study on eligibility for benefits should be made to the school Dean of Studies.

I want to move forward in my career

A professional qualification can help you gain skills at a higher level in the work you already do. It can also give you formal recognition for the work you do. This could help you get a promotion or improve your CV for future employers.

You can usually study for a professional qualification alongside your job. We may ask you to attend classes on day release or in the evenings. Many courses are fully funded, meaning there are no tuition fees for you or your employer to pay.

I want to update my skills with a short course

Updating your skills can help you keep up with changes to the modern workplace.

Our short courses run for between one day and 15 weeks. All our course are accredited by the school, meaning that you have to sit for exams so as o get certification.

Do i get a Certificate of Completion

All our adult courses are accredited, so issue a certification exam which each of our adult students has to pass so as to be given a certification of completion


Below is a list of our adult courses, click on any to read more details about each particular course.


  1. Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  2. Computer Maintenance and Repair
  3. Mobile Applications Development
  4. Internet Basics Course
  5. Website development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)
  6. Database Management (SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access)
  7. Graphics design (Adobe Photoshop, Indesign etc)
  8. Introduction to computers
  9. Software engineering and development
  10. Financial Computing
  11. Networking
  12. Microsoft Server 2010, 2012
  13. Certified Ethical Hacking
  14. Microsoft Excel for Businesses
  1. Elementary English
  2. TOEFL
  3. Project and Research writing skills and methods
  1. Business Management
  2. Business Accounting and Financial Computing
  3. Project Writing skills
  4. Entpreneurship

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