Welcome back to school

Dear staff and students, I would like to use this opportunity to welcome you back to our lovely school. A word of welcome to our new students who have come to join the school of excellency in practical skills. This year 2017 we are going to have a number of changes not only in terms of academics, but also in the internal running of the school. In the field of academics, starting with the senior 4s, they are going to use a new system which is competence based system doing courses in terms of modules. Whenever a module will be finished, we shall be having external assessors from WDA collaborating with the internal assessors for that matter, evaluating the students on that particular module.This year our pioneer students who are now in s.6, will be doing their final national examinations, a real test on our academic excellency. In the internal running of the school, this year we are having a new dormitory for boys which is just opposite the main entrance. This is going to help our students have better accessibility to all the school facilities all the time and at the same time help in the improvement of discipline. Again this year we having a new office in charge of discipline only. In the face of all these new changes external and internal, we need the spirit of team work and collaboration so as to succeed as our moto says: EXIIT QUI SEMINAT. May God bless you all.

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