TECHNOLOGY,THE GUIDE OF THE WORLD : writing competition, 1st Position (fiston IRADUKUNDA) Senior Four Class

As the world develops,the technology also increases. This is involved  in most of the jobs that have great involvement in the development of the world.

Today technology is the only way which helps people in all categories to improve and get more innovations. Here,I would like to show some of working categories in which technology is highily participating and developing.

In education,there is a big gap if you compare last centuries to our century where today there is high performance in examinations and the technoques improved.

In medical services there is biggest involvement than others. Now in hospitals,there is no more death of people dying while giving birth,operationS,and other cases because machines and medicines are being provided by the use of advanced  technology.

In industries, technology helps in manufacturing  of different products like products for human consumption,clothes,domestic tools,in constructions etc.and its still developing every the other passing.

In agriculture,methods of agriculture improved by i can say in illigation where machines can irrigate large area in a very shortest time posible.,that increases production. Also manure are produced to help poor land to produce production to the farmers.that all increases income to the country.

In police,technology helps in controlling roads for traffic police,checking bags on airports,finding where there are drugs.

All the above and much more others that are not shown above are categories of working where technology leads in all, I confirm that technology is the guide of the world because it leads in every category.

(by fiston IRADUKUNDA,s4 csc)

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    Good point :ICT=life

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