My future is in my hands; 2nd Position: OWABAHEYI ZAWADI S4 S.C

In life every person lives  individually. There is no any reason to rely on others and think that you will like them .

The person is only one who prepares his future.  To prepare  the future means to work hard at present.

I want to prepare my future now and well.

I have to take care of the chances I have now.

My parents pay school fees and give the basic needs so that I can be able to prepare my future.

But if don’t use them in a proper way, everything can all be zero work.

To prepare my future I have to obey my parents , follow up all regulations they give to me ,try to perform well in my courses at school ,getting up goals to follow and to work with looking to them and try to fix in my mind that no one has to prepare my future  other than me.


It doesn’t matter whether your parents are rich or not, give you all you need ; school fees, pocket money, good clothes etc, but I must be the main actor in fact in the Centre as my future is being prepared.

Your parents prepared their future so that they can live well .This doesn’t mean that if my parents have  a better living, I will also have a better living. It’s who has  to prepare my future guided by my parents and teachers.

In conclusion,   I confirm that it’s me who has my future in my hands. My parents can whatever is need for my better future but if I do not respond positively I cannot achieve it.


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  1. Haguma ildephonse

    congratulations my daughter that is true, it is good for you that you remember those inspirations i used to tell you, continue and as your parent i will help you to achieve your goals.

  2. Habinshuti Patrick

    Proud of you, keep that in mind you will reach beyond your expectations


    good point i wish success in your future life, now i see u’re a good girl.

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