Commemoration of the Genocide done against the Tutsi at Msgr.Felicien Mubiligi Catholic TSS

Rooted in the countries’ history and in line with our culture and custom for 22years now, Msgr Felicien had its first and indeed historical commemoration of the genocide done against the Tutsi in 1994.
Anyone without history he/she has no reasoning. But this does not mean that we stare at our history just for the sake, instead we look at it and use it as a guideline to approach the future with lots of hope and determination as we say: “ never again!”
History has it that the genocide took place more than a decade ago and our students come into being post – genocide period. It is therefore important and in fact inevitable to commemorate the genocide done against the Tutsi in 1994 with our students. This gave them time to deeply meditate on the dangers of genocide. Additionally, during this week, students were exposed to the history of the genocide in Rwanda and elsewhere not leaving out cautionary massages for the genocide.
Forgiving is Devine and revenge is human. We are grateful to our government which put in place this program with an intention of constructing Rwanda a new with a spirit of forgiveness. This year’s theme being “Fighting against the genocide ideology”, our students got a chance of paying attention to talks which deeply explained to them how bad ideologies can result into calamities like a genocide.

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  1. tugumestephen Post author

    indeed history is reasoning.

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